The Culture Academy Difference

The educational travel industry has grown into a significant segment within the entire tourist industry.

The largest providers in educational travel resolutely focus on cost cutting. The practice impacts consumers in a number of ways:

  • Lowest cost accommodations can be found miles from the area of. Consequently, students often sit in busses for hours every day and spend minimal time at the destination.
  • Food rarely provides a direct experience of the culture.

Typical, fare includes brown bag lunches, snacks and fast food.

  • Many organizations have extremely low employee morale and this energy directly impacts the tour experience as well as the safety of students.
  • Most organizations maintain the right to make schedule changes to accommodate other groups and lower overall costs. If families have other plans, the practice can be quite disruptive.
Paris Art Closeup
Outdoor Cafe

Culture Academy is devoted to creating the best possible experiences for each student.

Every tour is:

  • Led by an academic devoted to the field of anthropology, conservation and leadership. Employees are screened and developed to high academic, moral and engagement standards. We develop highly responsive and enthused workers who are alert to traveler’s every need.
  • Accommodations are in the area of study with commutes often involving short walks. Environments are selected with an eye towards representing each culture, overall beauty, safety, cleanliness and ease of use.
  • Dining establishments must be memorable, attractive, healthy and able to support any specialized nutritional needs. In some cases, the team will be taken to local markets to prepare an authentic meal in a large home or rental apartment.
  • All tour dates are guaranteed. 
  • Students are provided with cameras and production software to produce their own videos of the experience. Geared towards savvy tech generations, this feature creates greater excitement and shares their adventure with family and friends. Daily posting on Culture Academy’s YouTube Channel provides friends and families with updates.