Jeff Katcherian - Founder & President

Jeff is a well-known socio-cultural anthropologist, university instructor and successful owner of three thriving businesses. He grew up in a family that arrived to America with the clothes on their back. His parents became living examples of the American dream through persistence, integrity and education. As a teenager, Jeff became an award-winning gymnast. This is where he began world travel. On an educational tour in France, Jeff’s heart, mind and soul opened up to the wonder of the world around us and he has never been the same. In fact, he devotes his life to recreating that magic moment for other young people.

Jeff Katcherian’s passion for studying our world resulted in his receiving a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Anthropology/European Studies from UC-Irvine. While preparing his dissertation, Jeff helped facilitate the launch of the new EU-US Transatlantic Degree Program in Brussels. While working at the European Commission, he developed relationships with and gained the trust of civil society members, politicians, academics and industry experts all while navigating a complex political system.

As a Graduate Researcher at the Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion Jeff conducted research on global regulations over mobile banking and payment practices among the world’s poorest people. He organized conferences for major academic, banking, and telecommunications stakeholders in the mobile banking field.

At UC – Irvine, Jeff Katcherian has served as a lecturer of undergraduate courses in cultural anthropology, international studies and European studies.

Jeff runs extensive family-owned businesses in the veterinarian and related fields.

Jeff Katcherian