Culture Academy’s clients are high performing students that are ready to link their education to new environments. Our students are attracted to culture, anthropology, international affairs, film, media, art, food and theatre. Many have traveled to Europe before and want a “new take” on the European Union.

Culture Academy is not a discount travel company. We are value-driven and that means our focus is on giving each student a top drawer experience of the culture and history of each destination. We don’t stay or eat at the fanciest hotels and restaurants. And, if you are looking for a company that gets you to as many destinations as possible, we are not the resource for you.

Before traveling, we encourage you to research the educational travel industry. Visit sites that review the quality of the travel experience and what their employees have to say about them.

Suggested sites include:


Go Overseas



Glass Door

Better Business Bureau

If you are seeking a superior learning experience, let’s schedule a Skype or phone conversation to determine if Culture Academy is the right fit for you.