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Why Anthropology?

Culture Academy abroad programs introduce students to the fields of global affairs and sociocultural anthropology—the study of human cultures in their diversity and variation. Rather than providing a collection of facts about other cultures, however, our program attempts to provide a sense of the general approach anthropologists take when they study another culture. This approach is extremely useful regardless of the field or career path one takes. In other words, it focuses on how to ask intelligent questions, rather than providing an inventory of answers. Its aim is to lead you to “think like an anthropologist” as you reflect on other cultures as well as your own.

While in the popular mind anthropology is often associated with isolated villages or “primitive tribes,” in fact, anthropologists today study cities, media, migration, militarism, science and technology and an array of contemporary issues. What is most distinctive about cultural anthropology is the way it looks at the world. Culture Academy will teach students how to “see like an anthropologist.” No matter what your interests or ambitions, learning how to see others and yourself through anthropological perspectives is a valuable skill that will yield novel insights about your own life and the world. The perspectives offered by anthropology will challenge you to examine critically your common-sense assumptions about society and human nature.

Learning to observe closely, to listen carefully, to read between the lines, to suspend judgment, to perceive the absurdity of our own social conventions as well as those of others, to become attuned to nuance and ambiguity, to see not black and white, but all the many shades of variation in between, to see yourself through others’ eyes, and to be able to shift along a range of perspectives from which to view the world- are all part of seeing like an anthropologist.

This is why with Culture Academy, every lesson and every site abroad is carefully curated to expand on each student’s knowledge of our modern, globally connected world. We are confident that after each trip with Culture Academy, students will become more adaptable, resilient, and globally competent individuals as each of them are encouraged to think beyond traditional categories of being human all while enjoying the beauty and excitement of Europe.

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What kind of lodging do you use?

Lodging in London, Paris, and/or Brussels will be a mix of both hotels and apartments. While hotels will be used for shorter overnight excursions, apartments and homes will give students the opportunity to bond and learn about each other through collaborative learning and cooking activities reflective of the cultures we are studying.

Culture Academy will carefully select accommodations around the following criteria:

  1. The venue fully supports the educational commitments of Culture Academy.
  2. The venue is well vetted and safe for young individuals.
  3. The venue is central and close to destinations.
  4. The venue is memorable and reflects the culture, the people, and the inspiring experience Culture Academy seeks to impart with each student.
  5. Accommodations will be beautiful, moving and comfortable for each and every student and educator.

What types of food do you eat while traveling?

Let’s face it – most of what one looks for while traveling is food. We want to eat and we want to eat well. We want to indulge in new and familiar flavors. We are not like other travel abroad programs that are satisfied passing out bland sandwiches to fill your stomachs, or give you brie and bread and calls it a day of cultural exploration. Culture Academy cherishes and celebrates good food and we want to celebrate with you. Student meals are carefully selected by Culture Academy and local experts and at times collaboratively prepared by you and the rest of the group using local products.

Do I need to provide proof of insurance?

Yes you need to be able to provide proof of medical and accident insurance before starting your program with Culture Academy. You have the choice of using your own insurance, or if you prefer, we can refer you to several insurance providers.

What happens if I have a medical problem while abroad?

You are required to purchase health insurance prior to participating in our programs. If there are any medical problems while abroad, we will always be close to a doctor and hospital.

Who will be guiding the tours?

Principles of Culture Academy, local experts, and local organizations will be guiding the tours and educational meetings. We are made up of college professors and industry leaders dedicated to challenging students, improving their global competence levels while inspiring them to become creative global leaders.

Who is eligible for admission to our summer and spring programs?

At Culture Academy, our goal is to build creative global-minded individuals. This is why we seek students who want to explore new ways of life, learn about pertinent global affairs, crave a new adventure, or just need to escape from their routine at home. Culture Academy is for those who want something different, something more…

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